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I have discovered that Lisa is actually seeing Lloyd, that is completely filled.

I don’t get an irrational dislike to Lloyd, but the guy makes it really difficult by giving myself no reason at all to simply take a rational dislike to him. Whenever I in fact satisfy him, like, he works out to not seem as if the guy checks out FHM. Additionally, there is braying public school accent, he isn’t manipulative and arrogant and, despite getting a stockbroker, he doesn’t whisper if you ask me exactly how I can make an outright killing through getting in with him «on the ground floor» of a scheme to manufacture dioxin-heavy SUVs regarding dolphins.

I am not in a position to have an extended consult with him (they have to hurry off to work as, apparently, an industry somewhere in the planet is going to open up – it was, by-the-way, back when areas regularly exposed and shut, without investing all the intervening time crashing), but We aggravatingly find nothing to declare that he could ben’t essentially sound. In addition – and that I imagine we must depend this an advantage, for Lisa’s sake – he’s also relatively actually attractive, I suppose. He’s not very attractive, luckily – everyone knows that very attractive men are highly suspect – but he’s not terrible. okay, okay, I confess you cannot know for sure whether any guy is attractive to women, as I don’t believe women even know it by themselves (Eminem? Michael material? Orlando Bloom? – they can be all around the store), but Lloyd appears relatively symmetric and every little thing.

Anyhow, when he needs to go, I wait inside living room while Lisa sees him away. (I pick up some giggling reported by users goodbye during the door.) She returns flushed.

«Well,» she says, «what do you really believe?» and really does some dance.

We somewhat, only somewhat, thin my eyes and sigh sadly. «I’m some dubious,» we respond back.



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